Galveston Fishing Charters and Your Survival

Many of you have seen the movie Water World with Kevin Costner, but have you ever thought what you would do if land became toxic? The world is made up of more water than land, so it could come to that… gosh! Let’s hope not!

Consider book a booking a fishing trip and learn about deep sea fishing and the ocean.  It can’t hurt!

Why Local Farmers are Allowing Folks to pick strawberries from their Fields

The Chinese Strawberry Tree (Chinese Mulberry Tree), Cudrania tricuspidata, has been extensively planted in American because of its huge potential for bearing unique red strawberries that, once picked from the tree, have the appearance of a giant raspberry. The Chinese Strawberry fruit is more rounded than a mulberry, which is usually elongated. The Chinese Strawberry […]

Picking Strawberries and the Farmers Brain

A cup of strawberries contain about half of your necessary daily vitamin C requirements. This is why knowing how to grow this type of berry should be an essential part of your survival plan. If growing and consistently harvesting strawberries year around is a new type of produce for you then let me recommend some […]

The Oil and Gas Industry and Our Survival

Experts have been trying to predict where the oil and gas industry is truly headed. Some are suggesting that price per barrel will drop to as low as $20 and perhaps as high as $200 barrel. It all boils down to our international and domestic contracts as one Houston business attorney suggests. If we examine […]

How to Collect and Store Rainwater

People often collect and store rainwater through a system. For this system to be efficient, it requires several steps. One must find a collection area; acquire storage materials, a storage area, possibly fix the storage area, all to collect rainwater. Large barrels or other containers are used to collect rainwater. If the barrel has been […]